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Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

This site collects the following information:
Login Email address: Uniquely identifies you and is used for login authentication.
Google login email, username, and OpenID: Uniquely identifies the user and is used for login authentication.
The following information is collected at the time of listing through the Stripe or Paypal integration:
StripeID: Used by the buyer to make payment to the seller. It is not visible to third parties.
PaypalEmail: Used by the buyer to make payment to the seller. Not visible to third parties.
The information collected is strictly protected and will not be shared with third parties.

Purposes for which information is used

The information collected will be used for the following purposes:
To uniquely identify you for login authentication purposes.
StripeID or PaypalEmail is used to process payment for listings.


We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security of the information we collect. Measures are taken to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or disclosure of information.
If a user wishes to unsubscribe, the user should request account deletion. Information related to account deletion will be deleted in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
However, some information may be retained for legal obligations or for appropriate business purposes of the Site. Such information will be retained to the extent necessary and processed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Disclosure of Information

This site may share information collected with third parties with legal authority, such as law enforcement or government agencies, only when legally required to do so. This includes the following situations:
When required by law, legal process, or court order.
When there is a legitimate request from law enforcement or government agencies, such as in connection with a criminal investigation or security concern.
This site will comply with the appropriate legal process in response to these requests and will disclose the necessary information.
However, this site will comply with applicable laws and regulations to ensure that the information is properly protected and your privacy is respected.

Legal Requirements

This Privacy Policy complies with relevant legal requirements and regulations.
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